Reach, Readiness, Resilience:
Optimising Rotary Capabilities to Confront Future Threats

Over the past sixteen years, International Military Helicopter has built a reputation as a vital strategic forum for international industry, partners and allies, welcoming over 200 commanders, pilots and programme managers to discuss major procurement programmes, share doctrine and training methods, and learn about emerging rotary-wing technologies. As army, air and naval commanders look to confront both asymmetric and near-peer threats on land and at sea, 2018 will be a timely opportunity for the military community to shape their strategic vision for helicopter operations in contemporary and future battlespaces.

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Nations Represented

A Full Spectrum Assessment of the Critical Issues Shaping the Military Helicopter Community


Procurement decision-making and future platform acquisitions and upgrades


Training infrastructure and filling the maintenance skills gap


Optimizing MRO processes and logistics support


Rotary precision effects and technologies in contemporary and future battlespaces


Future Vertical Lift and transitions in platform design and engineering


Sensor fusion, situational awareness and mitigating the hazards of DVE


Countering small UAS and the emergence of autonomous rotary-wing capabilities


Contingency and rapid response operations

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