Shaping Future Rotary Requirements to Respond to Tomorrow's Threats

2019 will be a timely opportunity for the military community to meet and discuss the strategic vision for the future of rotary assets within our armed forces and its role in the battlespace of tomorrow.

This year, our community meets to define the threats of the future, understanding the need to develop capabilities to counter the growing electronic warfare threat, increasing surviability and assessing the operational requirements of platforms across all domains.

Over the past seventeen years, The International Military Helicopter conference has built a reputation as a vital strategic forum for senior leaders of the global military helicopter community, welcoming commanders, service chiefs and programme directors from around the world to discuss major procurement programmes, share doctrine and methods, and to learn about emerging technologies in the sector. We look forward to welcoming you in February, as we look to deliver the platform for army, air and naval commanders look to confront both asymmetric and near-peer threats on land and at sea,

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Here's what to expect in 2019 at #IMHelicon

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A Full Spectrum Assessment of the Critical Issues Shaping the Military Helicopter Community


Address the electronic warfare threat in the future battlespace        


Training infrastructure and filling the maintenance skills gap


Optimizing MRO processes and logistics support



The integration of RWUAS and MUM-T into the fleet of tomorrow


Sensor fusion, situational awareness and mitigating the hazards of DVE


Developing self-protection suites for the rotary domain


Contingency and rapid response operations

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