Sponsoring International Military Helicopter 2019

"I'm very pleased to see the diversity of military attendees at this event, and also the different elements from both the air forces and land forces, so it's a great opportunity for us to be in a diverse military customer base."
Dave Butler, General Dynamics

Why Sponsor?

  • Be viewed as an industry leader
  • Demonstrate your market knowledge
  • Position yourself above your competitors
  • Engage with key decision makers

Partnering or exhibiting at International Military Helicopter 2019 will allow you to do just that. Whatever your marketing and business development objectives are for 2019, we can help you in your quest to meet the key people to make your business grow.

Hear what our previous partners and exhibitors have to say...

"Sponsoring at International Military Helicopter, for us, is quite important just
because we have very few opportunities to meet a lot of the military helicopter operators, and they’re here in force."

- Robin Taylor Hunt, Safran Turbomeca

"This conference is vital to gain visibility with important customers and potential
customers in the military helicopter market."

- Heinz Scholl, RUAG Aviation

"This allows us to get our name out and make sure that the military customers out there
have the full understanding of who everyone is. Being able to speak directly to the decision-makers and
influencers in this industry is what’s key." 
- Larry Alexandre, Heli-One

"There’s a lot of key personnel here… it’s good that you can get to talk to people and the right people are
here to talk to, so if you’re going to make an impression, this is a good place to do it." 
Mike Scimone, Donaldson

Engage and influence key decision makers

By sponsoring International Military Helicopter 2019 you will:

  • Generate new qualified leads and long-term relationships
  • Launch new products or services
  • Cement your thought leadership and differentiate yourself against your competitors
  • Enter new markets
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Network with key decision makers and highly influential media
  • Position your company brand at the forefront of the global helicopter community
  • Brokering new business partnerships by partnering with OEM suppliers

For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting at the International Military Helicopter Forum, contact:

Oliver Marks
Sponsorship Director, Defence IQ
Ph: 44 (0) 20 7368 9305
Email: sponsor@iqpc.co.uk

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